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"Still part of the ‘glitch’ problem"

Last week, I tried to create an account on to see how the site was working and whether I would have any more luck than other reporters. While I initially was able to set up an account quickly (it seemed), my luck hit the wall. I was unable to view my options or select a plan.

At the time, I held a live chat with a representative. I was told: “We are having trouble with the website.” I was told to try again in a few days.

A few days have passed and I still can’t get anywhere, so I had another live chat this morning. I was told the problems still haven’t been fixed. The transcript:

[09:24:03 am]: Thanks for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we connect you to someone who can help.

[09:24:06 am]: Please be patient while we’re helping other people.

[09:24:13 am]: Welcome! You’re now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.

Thanks for contacting us. My name is Helen. To protect your privacy, please don’t provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.

[09:24:20 am]: Charlie

Hello there.

[09:24:40 am]: Charlie

I was having problems last week with the site and did a live chat with Martha. She told me to try again in a few days. I’m still seeing errors.

[09:25:07 am]: Charlie

I am told I need to complete my application, even though I got a letter saying I was eligible. Then when I click on the link to update my application, I am brought to an error page.

[09:25:21 am]: Charlie

This is the reference ID: Error from: https%3A//
Reference ID: 0.cd772d17.1381756978.b74e3c8.226843

[09:26:19 am]: Charlie

Can you help me?

[09:27:14 am]: Helen

I’ll sure try— It will take me just a moment to review and respond to your question.

[09:32:24 am]: Helen

Sorry about the wait—my research tells me that the problem you are encountering is still part of the “glitch” problem

[09:32:42 am]: Charlie

Ah, ok, thanks. Any idea when I should try again?

[09:35:16 am]: Helen

Sorry—but I am assured that, when the system is “up and running”, your application should be available to you, so please don’t try to make another one—it will just add to the problems with the system. As to when you should try again, we’re hoping for later today, but, no guarantee.
Better answer would be 2-3 days—Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience, while we try to get the system “up and running” for you folks!

[09:36:02 am]: Charlie

OK, thanks. Last week I had been told to wait a couple days, which is why I went on this morning. Thanks for your help, Helen.

[09:36:49 am]: Helen

My pleasure! Sorry I do not have any “instant answers”, though—have a good day!

[09:37:07 am]: Charlie

Have a good day.

[09:37:37 am]: ‘Helen’ has left the chat session.

[09:37:41 am]: Your chat session is over. Thanks for contacting us, and we hope we’ve answered your questions. Have a great day.

[09:37:41 am]: 10/14/2013